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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Have you ever felt your with the right person you were meant to meet. The person your destined to marry because their so perfect for you?...That's what everyone wants, to find that one perfect person. Some people find the right one when their older like in their 30's then their happy and marry end of story. But what if that person comes too early...a little too soon. That's me.. i have that perfect person for me his the nicest boy everything every girl wishes for..the person that's written in quotes,in songs and in those romantic novels..but his only my second boyfriend and well am 17. Sometimes i believe i got it a bit too good the great guy came along but what about experiencing the teen stuff! The tons of boyfriends your suppost to have before you find the right one...the great thrills you did with that one guy...the one that got away...that one bad boy u dated...the one you regret...that one that was so hot you just couldnt believe it...i didnt have that! i know that sounds selfish i really do...i should be grateful i didnt go thru heart break well not really i did but thats not the point.....i just think it came too soon sometimes i wish i could also date other people like me and him breaking up but i know that would be the dummest thing to do...leaving that one perfect guy...cause what if you leave the perfect guy and never find another one again. Now that i would regret...but even though his my second boyfriend i did date this new guy in school all the girls were falling for but turns out he was a typical jerk...then there was this guy also known as the pilot we had a crush on each other he was that one guy you think is too cute for you but eh didnt work out and now am here with my perfect guy ...who knows what will happen with me and him but even if i didnt get to expirence those thrills am still happy i have him i guess i wasnt meant to date some dudes along my way ...i was a one/few very few! guy kinda girl.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

toy story night :>

Toy story is on as am writing this. Never really done this before but it seems interesting. Waiting on my boyfriend to go to the mall but his late...better late then never i guess. I was wondering what to write about but it will be about the thing some people are stressing about Valentines DAy! isnt it exciting how near it is! But not really for the people like me that havent decided what to get yet its kinda a bit like ah! what do i get for him. I dont want to get something typical thats like boring because mainly thats not me i wanna get something that will make him feel special when i give it to him. Mainly because thats like the whole point ...lol..Am actually suppost to be doing my defensive driving thing but its really boring i wish it was like the old times when ppl just studied and either passed thier driving test or not i bet when i get my car am still going to be doing the course :( bummer. this is it am out. bye :)