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Friday, September 2, 2011

never thought id be called "ex"

I walked out the door with the feeling in my stomach i knew it was going to be over but i don't think i was ready for it just yet. To me everything was going good but then he stopped wanting to see me that's when i knew everything had changed. We broke up. I don't know what was worse the fact that we broke up or the fact that we didn't even try to fix anything. There's times when i just want to pick up my phone and tell him i miss him but i don't am not the type of girl to do that. I cant believe its over though its like unbelievable i never thought it would happen we would always break up and get back together but this time i know its really over four years of my life gone. Am getting thru it though he will never really know how much he hurt me that day. To him that day i didn't care one bit and honestly that's how i want it to stay he doesn't deserve to have broken my heart and still see i suffered.